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Our ambassador program is free and open to everyone with a properly filled out LinkedIn profile and civilized online behavior.

Furthermore, everything in our program is voluntary - each participant freely chooses what they do.

Our ambassadors include not only people in need, those between jobs, and students, but also billionaires, Silicon Valley heavyweights, senior management from the largest global companies and banks, as well as white- and blue-collar professionals from various industries.

At the moment, we have 4323 ambassadors from 151 countries with over 37.1 million followers in total. With our current growth rate we expect to reach 100 million followers by the end of 2023.

So far, we have helped our ambassadors to generate 814 million USD in sales with our advice and additional visibility - both free of charge.

This is all done with our tailor-made, social media algorithm-aware platform that has so far enabled over 62.3 million social media engagements via our free ambassador program.

For example, our most popular post through this platform received 23.4 million views.

With our help, anyone can receive easy and fast peer support, and publish popular, high-quality content on their social media posts.

For example, by participating in our ambassador program, our members can become up to 619 times more powerful than regular users on LinkedIn.

Our ambassadors are free to promote their own causes and post whatever they wish on their social media profiles to raise awareness.

If you share content that resonates with other ambassadors, they are more likely to support your request.

In case you need high-quality content, feel free to utilize The TOP Person's branded content, which has already received tens of millions of views from business readers and continues to do so.

Our members can freely publish our super popular content, which consists of over 1,300 article excerpts from our magazines, entire magazines, and a free book titled '15,000+ Sales Closing Techniques,' which is the most comprehensive publication on this subject in the history of mankind.

Our content is written by 67 authors, including people from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazines, Business Insider, BBC, LinkedIn Influencers and TopVoices, United Nations, TED Talks, and even a winner of The Apprentice.

The TOP Person is fully funded, so we are not asking for donations. Furthermore, we are transparent as all our actions happen on social media where everything is public.

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