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The TOP Person is a global charity launched in January 2020 with a mission to help people and other charities as well as organizations to further themselves for free.

Our method of helping is to multiply the social media visibility of one's content and increase one's influence.

Our main route for helping is to help other charities. We are currently helping dozens of other charities and we are talking with many more.

Together, these charities are connected to several million people, so hopefully we will keep on reaching our annual target in years to come.

Another route to help is our free ambassador program where any person with a properly filled LinkedIn profile and civilized online behavior is eligible to join.

Our ambassador program was added because of Corona pandemic, and we only expected to have 5-10 ambassadors.

At the moment, we have 3971 ambassadors with over 26.3 million followers in total from 151 countries.

We make all this possible with a free, social media algorithm aware platform that makes it easy and fast for anyone to receive peer support and popular, high-quality content to publish.

High-quality content that any of our ambassadors can freely publish consists over 1,300 article excerpts from our magazines as well as entire magazines.

They have already received tens of millions of views from business readers and continue to do so.

Our content is written by 66 authors, including people from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, BBC, LinkedIn Influencers, and TopVoices, as well as TED and United Nations.

I recommend clicking here to check the issue of our business magazines on our website.

So far, we have had quite good results:

* Our magazine is viewed by over 10 million monthly business readers

* Many posts of our ambassadors are among the top 1% of engaged posts on LinkedIn every day

* Our ambassadors are engaging over 49.1 million times so far to support their fellow ambassadors.

* Our latest most popular post by an ambassador received over 23.4 million views.

The TOP Person is fully funded, so we are not asking for donations, and we are transparent as all our actions happen in social media where everything is public.

In addition, everything in our free program is voluntary - each participant freely chooses what they do to support their brand or cause.

Click here to visit our website.

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